• diacovot@upmc.edu

Thomas Diacovo, MD

Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology; Chief, UPMC Newborn Medicine Program; Director, Neonatal Cardiovascular Research, Heart Institute

MD, McGill University

Research Areas:
Signaling pathways regulating immune responses

Our laboratory is focused on understanding the role of class I PI3Ks in innate and adaptive immune responses. In particular, how to protect against as well as reduce the extent of tissue injury associated with an acute inflammatory response by identifying and selectively targeting PI3K isoforms. Our group has shown the importance of the PI3Kgamma and PI3Kdelta isoforms in supporting neutrophil recruitment and function, T cell development, and their ability to function as non-classical oncogenes that support the growth and survival of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). Ongoing studies are investigating how PI3K gamma and PI3Kdelta regulate genes that control T cell function in health and disease states, the development and testing of small molecule inhibitors in animal models of autoimmunity, graft-vs-host-disease and tissue injection, and their role in promoting tissue localization through use of state-of-the art intravital imaging.