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Professor of Surgery, Co-Director-Pediatric Transplantation; Director-Pediatric Transplantation Research, University of Pittsburgh

MD, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India

Research Area(s):
Human Immunology

Biomarker discovery for personalized transplant/organ failure management

Our laboratory focuses on biomarker development for personalized prediction of transplant outcomes, and mechanistic studies to determine causes of liver and intestinal failure. Our research subjects include 750 of over 1500 children and young adults who have received liver or intestine transplantation at our center. Technical strengths include multiparametric flow cytometry and genome-wide discovery methods. Prognostic assays developed as a result of this effort include Humanitarian-device-designated alloantigen-specific assays for personalized prediction of rejection risk (HUD# 08-206). Novel mechanistic findings include epigenetic dysregulation of B-cell alloantigen presentation as a contributor to liver transplant rejection. Ongoing efforts also include evaluation of liver development in experimental models of early gestation to identify pathways leading to congenital biliary malformations which cause liver failure in childhood.