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Associate Professor of Medicine (Renal-Electrolyte and Immunology)

MBBS, Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Research Area(s):
Human Immunology
B cells, alloimmunity and pathogenesis of rejection

Our laboratory is focused on understanding the development of the alloimmune response and how it leads to graft rejection.  Our main goal is to understand antibody-dependent and antibody-independent roles of B cells in alloimmunity and pathogenesis of acute and chronic allograft rejection.  Our group has shown that B cells are required for optimal development of T cell memory.  Ongoing studies are addressing how B cells are activated with emphasis on innate receptor pathways, their interactions with other immune cells and mechanisms underlying B cell help for T cell immunity.  We are also characterizing B cell subpopulations, their function and interactions with other immune cells in transplant patients in collaboration with the Human Immunology Group at the Strazl Transplantation Institute.  Other areas of research include understanding the interplay of alloimmunity with autoimmunity and infections, and how it impacts graft survival.

Chalasani Team:
Bala Ramaswami, PhD
Ke Jiang, MD
Tripti Sing, MD
Thin Thin Maw, MD
Renee Ippolito (research technician)