Exciting  news from the lab of Adrian Morelli who was recently awarded two NIH-RO1s!

The first R01, titled “Graft extracellular vesicles as promoters of anti-donor immunity in cardiac and skin transplantation”, will investigate in mouse transplantation models and in a clinical translational model of humanized mice, how graft-derived extracellular vesicles communicate with the recipient’s immune cells in lymphoid tissues. These studies will provide answers to old questions in the field of transplantation and new grounds for development of novel therapeutic approaches against transplant rejection.

The second R01 will be carried out as Co-PIs in collaboration with Dr. Adriana Larregina’s laboratory (Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh). It will investigate the role of pro-inflammatory neuropeptides and skin-derived extracellular vesicles in the skin immune system, during maintenance of skin self-tolerance in the course of steady state conditions and promotion of immunity that causes skin disorders.