Dr. Camila Macedo Both is a research associate professor of surgery at the Starzl Transplantation Institute. She was also the first recipient of the Brian N. Seidel Award for Excellence in Research, and speaks to the influence this philanthropic support had on her career:

“Upon graduating from medical school, I was accepted for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Starzl Transplantation Institute, which was an honor after spending half of my time involved with the transplantation field while in school. I decided to remain in research and pursue a career in academia studying the immunological aspect of human transplantation. Twenty years have passed, and I am happy to be working for the same institute.”

“In 2014, I was the first awardee for the Brian N. Seidel Award at our institute retreat for Excellence in Research. This cash award is given to trainees and junior faculty as a stimulus for their hard work and achievements. It was my pleasure to show my research on T follicular helper and regulatory cells and its involvement with the presence of donor-specific antibodies and kidney transplant recipients. I was able to achieve this through hard work while caring for our first child as an immigrant woman.”

“Every year at the institute retreat, I have the pleasure of speaking with [the benefactor] Mr. Johnson, who not only demonstrates interest in the research we do but on my growing family as well. His generosity has truly impacted many of us at the institute.”