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Research Training

General Research Training Requirements

 Complete the following training modules:

All modules are listed by category on this page: http://cme.hs.pitt.edu/servlet/IteachControllerServlet?actiontotake=displaymainpage&site=main.

Animal Research Training Requirements

This link outlines the steps to gaining access to the animal facility and ordering animals as outlined in the DLAR handbook on the DLAR website: http://www.dlar.pitt.edu/virtualhandbook/checklist.aspx

Visit this link for animal-based research training modules: http://cme.hs.pitt.edu/ISER/servlet/IteachControllerServlet?actiontotake=displaymainpage&site=animal

For TB Testing, Measles Surveillance, and Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (AESP), contact:

Work Partners
(412) 647-3695
Medical Arts Building, 3708 Fifth Avenue

Human Subjects Research Training Requirements

Visit this link for human subject research training modules (CITI  Access Portal):  http://www.citi.pitt.edu/citi/

Research-Specific Training

For human embryonic & fetal stem cell research:  http://cme.hs.pitt.edu/ISER/servlet/IteachControllerServlet?actiontotake=loadmodule&moduleid=1661

For Radiation Safety Training: http://www.radsafe.pitt.edu