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Research Training

General Research Training Requirements

The information below pertains to training that the University requires researchers, at any level (including undergraduate and students), to complete prior to and engaging in research.  Additional protocol specific training may be required for specific projects. 

See table for guidance.

For any questions, and to add personnel to IBC and/or IACUC, please reach out to Kristi Cihil at kmc35@pitt.edu .

General Laboratory Training 

The first module is at the (CITI) website. The remaining modules are located at the HSConnect website.

  1. Responsible Literature Searching  (Recommended for anyone searching scientific literature - not required)
  2. Chemical Hygiene Training    (Required for all laboratory work)
  3. Bloodborne Pathogen Training   (Required for all handling human blood tissues or cells, or anything human derived)

Animal Research Training 

In addition to the required training below, personnel working with animals must also be enrolled in Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (AESP).

Link that lists IACUC Training

CITI "Cheat Sheet" 


For other testing and surveillance based on laboratory agent or animal specific requirements, please see the following guidance:

AESP form (all animal users in general)

Vaccinia Virus work

TB Testing

Measles surveillance



Specialized Trainings for research and clinical lab work

Radiation Safety - use of radionucleotides and irradiators

Dangerous Goods Shipping - needed for human samples, dry ice, etc.

Formaldehyde Training

For human embryonic & fetal stem cell research:  http://cme.hs.pitt.edu/ISER/servlet/IteachControllerServlet?actiontotake=loadmodule&moduleid=1661


Human Subjects Research Training 

Researchers interacting with study participants or identifiable data need to complete CITI modules in addition to responsible conduct of research.

Visit this link for human subject research training modules (CITI  Access Portal):  http://www.citi.pitt.edu/citi/

  1. Human Subject Protections
  2. Privacy and Information Security

Refer to (table) to determine if other training, specific to the researchers role, is required.

Please see Lois Knipling for required training.


Please note that other trainings may be required based on your research area.  Contact Kristi for basic/lab based research and Lois for clinical based research.


Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

For all work with recombinant DNA, transgenic mice, and associated technologies

Online site for IBC protocol preparation is MyIBC   www.myibc.pitt.edu/

To be listed in the MyIBC personnel database, PIs and staff must take an NIH training module.  On the IBC website, click this link for the training module https://www.ibc.pitt.edu/training (Biosafety-NIH guidelines)


Material Transfer Agreements 

The website for MyRA (My Research Agreements) is https://myra.pitt.edu/MyRA/   Once you log in, in the upper left hand corner is a link for MyRA self-registration