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Kanishka Mohib, PhD



Phone: 412-383-6960
Fax: 412-624-1172

Research Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; MSc, University of Western Ontario, Canada; BSc, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

My research revolves around determining the contribution of B cells with regulatory (IL-10+ Breg) and inflammatory (IFN-g+ B effector) phenotype to islet allograft survival. My work helped identify that TIM-1+ B cells and TIM-4+ B cells were enriched for IL-10+ Breg and IFN-g+ B effector cells respectively. I am also examining Breg in-vivo cellular dynamics by 2-photon intra-vital imaging to answer fundamental questions pertaining to Breg effector function and their cellular interaction with dendritic cells and T cells.