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Khodor Abou Daya - 2020 Recipient of Innovation Grant

Congratulations to Khodor Abou-Daya on being the recipient of the 2020 Stuart K. Patrick Grant for Transplant Innovation!

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Identify Therapeutic Targets in Transplantation

Graft survival has not improved significantly over the past 3 decades.  T cells drive many mechanisms of acute and chronic graft injury despite immunosuppression.  Single cell RNA sequencing has provided a massive amount of gene expression information on graft infiltrating T cells.  Analyzing this data is now facilitated by multiple sophisticated machine learning algorithms.  Here, I aim to build a curated gene information database of graft-infiltrating T cells using manual and automated machine learning approaches.  As proof of concept, using a gene knock-out approach, I will then test the role of one potential gene identified in a preliminary analysis to be crucial for maintenance of memory T cells in the graft.  This novel curated gene database will serve as an invaluable resource for discovery and hypothesis testing.